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We welcome commercial and residential blade owners. Every blade deserves care and attention to maintain its

highest level of effectiveness. 


We are pleased to discuss what sharpening services and schedules you need

to achieve your blade goals. Your investment in your knife maintenance plan will be adjusted to reflect the

quantity and frequency of your sharpening needs.


Our Tools:

- Wicked Edge Precision Sharpener (diamond and ceramic stones, locking angle guides)

- Spyderco Tri-Angle Sharpmaker (simulated sapphire stones for serrated blades)
- Work Sharp Ken Onion Elite Knife and Tool Sharpener (premiere electric belt sharpening system)

- Vintage Black Diamond Mill Bastard Files (for Bowie knives, machetes, tools, and history)

- Leather Strops with Diamond Paste (for blade burr removal, finishing, and polishing)



Sharpening Investments:


Chef Knives, Kitchen Cutlery: 

* $1 per blade inch (with $5.00 minimum)

* Serrated is $1.50 per blade inch


Pocket/Tactical/Hunting/EDC (everyday carry):

* $1 per blade inch (with $5.00 minimum)

* Additional knife blades of the same knife are +$2.00 each blade


* Large scissors $8.00

* Small scissors $6.00




With a combination of varying grit Emory papers, Camellia Knife Oil, Orange Goop citrus oils with pumice,
Japanese Naniwa rust eraser stones, and a Japanese “magebo-style” straightening stick, we restore the

beauty and keenness of your blades. Giving them the luster and sharpness they deserve.


Complimentary Keen Sharpening Grand Opening Special!

De-rusting, feeding, and polishing of blades and handles will be done

for you as a gift from us to thank you for your patronage!


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